“Hi mate, how are things?”
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“Great! I am in control, super productive, making terrific progress on our goals and really feel like we are getting somewhere” – hardly anyone said, ever.

It’s become customary that when someone is asked how they are, the answer comes back something like, “Flat out, busy as, out of control” or, as a client recently said to me “I’m as busy as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking competition”.

It seems it’s a badge of honour to admit that you are really, really busy.

My issue is, that just being busy does not cut it.

Being productive, efficient and progressing towards your vision or purpose should be the name of the game, but I see too many people floundering despite being “busy”. It’s simply not good business.

In the past five or so years, having worked with thousands of people who want to be better managers, leaders and business people, I’d go so far to say that the vast majority will tell you that they are busy, but in reality, they are nowhere near as efficient and productive as they could be.Here are five things that will make a difference.

1. Get a system for your time management.

Be disciplined and systematic about how you allocate your time to your tasks. Ideally, you would use technology to under pin your time management, but even a paper based system will achieve results.

2. Slow down.

I see too many people in chaos and they are running really hard and basically getting nowhere. Slow down or STOP! Get in control, and go again. I have had people tell me they are too busy to get in control.

All it means is that they are heading in the wrong direction faster.

3. Prioritise.

We simply cannot have it all and do it all. It is an absolute myth to think we can. Accept that there is a limit to what you can achieve given the need to manage the balance between work and home. Work out what are the most important things and work on those first.

4. Delegate.

Every senior executive I have worked with was doing tasks that someone else in the organisation could and should have been doing. Focus on your highest value contribution to your business. Make a list of all of your main tasks. Identify which ones only you can do. Delegate the rest.

5. Say no.

We all like to be liked and sometimes we say yes just so we can please or not offend others, when we really should be saying no. Understand that we simply can’t please everyone and an unavoidable consequence of you being effective is that others may be disappointed.

Be honest and say no, so you don’t set yourself up for failure.

Many aspiring leaders are like a hamster on a wheel. There is a lot of effort and energy, but not much forward progress.

Apply the five ideas above and really get some traction.

Greg Mowbray is a leadership speaker, author, mentor and consultant. [email protected]南京夜网 UNPRODUCTIVE: Get off the wheel and start gaining some traction in your life.

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Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy Turnbull welcomed Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang and Madame Cheng Hong to Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday 23 March 2017. Pool Photo: Andrew Meares Photo: Andrew MearesLocal beef producers have won unfettered entree to the Chinese domestic market for the first time, in a commercial breakthrough that gives Australia a level of access denied to all countries until now.
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But the resolution of Australia’s long-standing ‘beef’ over beef exports, came with a gentle reminder to Beijing’s regional neighbours that China will not back out of the South China Sea and regards its outposts in international waters as its sovereign territory.

The trade advance, which promises a significant expansion of Australia’s $1 billion annual meat exports especially in chilled meats, came in talks between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Canberra, which touched on economic conditions, global trade relations, regional security particularly regarding the Korean Pensinsula, and Australia’s foreign policy stance.

In a direct reference to widespread concerns in the South China Sea, Premier Li moved to reassure Australia that any defence assets in situ on artificial islands, serve purely defensive purposes associated with guaranteeing free access to sea and air lanes, and with safeguarding Beijing’s economic interests.

“China never has any intention to engage in militarisation in the South China Sea,” he said in a joint press conference with Mr Turnbull, ahead of more talks on the second day of his visit.

“China’s facilities on Chinese islands and reefs,” he noted pointedly, “are primarily for civilian purposes, and even if there is a certain amount of defence equipment or facilities, it is for maintaining the freedom of navigation and over flight, in the South China Sea because without such freedom, or without stability in the South China Sea, the Chinese side would be among the first to bear the brunt of it.”

Mr Li said the logic was “very simple”. “A large part of the aircraft and ships that sail through or fly over the South China Sea are engaged in China’s trade with other countries and regions in the world. China is the largest trader of goods in the world, so one can easily imagine how many Chinese interests are at stake here.”

Mr Turnbull said no dispute existed between Australia and China over the islands and repeated Australia’s oft-made appeal to disputing countries to resolve their differences peacefully and through the established forums of the international rules-based order.

Emphasising the positive, Mr Turnbull spoke glowingly of Australia’s trading relationship with Beijing, with two-way trade in 2015/16 valued at $150 billion.

“Australia is the only country in the world with this market access,” he said of the new beef deal.

“Australian chilled beef exports to China are already worth $400 million a year, and more companies will be eligible to export frozen beef.

“Total beef exports overall are worth around a billion dollars a year. This new agreement will drive significant future growth and we continue to welcome investment from China with the stock of foreign direct investment growing to $35 billion by the end of 2015, and Australia’s stock of direct investment in China has grown from $847 million in 2005 to $14 billion in 2015.”

Continuing to play down regional tensions with Beijing, Mr Li said that some 100,000 commercial vessels had traversed the South China Sea in last year without incident or interruption.

Former prime minister Paul Keating recently called for a more realistic approach to China’s emergence, based on respect, deeper engagement, and the recognition that the islands hold no significant strategic importance in any future conflict.

Branding proposed closer strategic ties between the US-Japan-India-Australia as containment via the discredited doctrine of “quadrilateralism”, he called the approach “reckless on an international scale”.

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 31: Lucky Gattelari is escorted to a police car under special security at King Street court on January 31, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Munoz/Fairfax Media) Photo: Daniel MunozAfter a seven-week trial, the jury has retired to deliberate on whether wealthy property developer Ron Medich is guilty of the murder of his business foe Michael McGurk and the later intimidation of his widow, Kimberley.
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It was 6.25pm on September 3, 2009 when Mrs McGurk heard her young son screaming, “There was a pop and there’s blood” and that his father had been hurt.

Mrs McGurk rushed outside to the street in front of their Cremorne home to find her Scottish-born husband still in his car, his foot resting on the framework of the opened driver’s door. He had been murdered by a shot to the back of his head.

The Crown’s star witness Lucky Gattellari, who was then Mr Medich’s right-hand man, said that in early 2009 Mr Medich was ‘”distraught and raving” about the problems Mr McGurk, 45, was causing.

Prosecutor Gina O’Rourke, SC, told the jury that a motive for the murder was that the two men were embroiled in a string of legal battles, which was not only costing Mr Medich, 68, a fortune, but causing him humiliation and embarrassment.

Gattellari, 67, told the jury that, when Mr Medich asked him to find someone to kill Mr McGurk, he had replied: “Are you sure you know what you are saying? There is no going back.”

He said Mr Medich replied: “I am sure. I want it done.”

Following the murder, Mr Medich tried to pressure Mrs McGurk into settling her husband’s legal disputes, the court heard.

Mrs McGurk testified that, on the night of August 8, 2010, a man wearing a wig and a hoodie came to her door and said that she should not be “a thief like my husband” and she should pay her debts.

The Crown has alleged that the only person chasing her for money was Mr Medich.

On October 13, 2010, the police arrested Gattellari, his driver Senad Kaminic, and the two men involved in the actual murder – Haissam Safetli and Christopher “The Kid” Estephan.

On the day of his arrest, Gattellari got a message to Mr Medich seeking $1 million for bail and legal expenses.

The jury has heard that, when Mr Medich did not pay, Gattellari had a message delivered to Mr Medich’s son Peter saying, “If that’s the case he can pack his bag, too.”

Within days, Gattellari and Kaminic began co-operating with the police. Both received substantial discounts on their sentences for promising to assist in the case against Mr Medich.

Gattellari received a minimum sentence of 7?? years for his role in the murder, while Kaminic, who is now a free man, spent 2?? years in jail for being an accessory after the fact to murder.

The defence case is that Gattellari was a violent, scheming liar who was the sole organiser and “prime mover” in the murder.

Mr Medich’s barrister Winston Terracini, SC, told the jury that, ever since Gattellari was jailed, he had been “scheming and planning and plotting” to extort money from Mr Medich.

“Maggots of malice ??? have eaten at his heart,” Mr Terracini said.

In December last year, Gattellari, his brother Frank, convicted drug dealer Shayne Hatfield and others were charged with conspiracy to defraud Mr Medich by seeking a payment of $15 million for Gattellari to change his evidence at the trial.

The jury has heard that, in 2014, while Gattellari was in Cooma jail, he authorised for a letter to be given to notorious former police officer Roger Rogerson, now himself in jail for a separate murder, to pass on to Mr Medich.

The letter read in part: “I asked you for help with legal expenses and bail money, you turned your back on me and left me for dead.

“I would have protected you at all cost but you tried to f— me. Neither of us would have been in the shit if you had not been such a prick and tried to shift the blame on me.

“Well my so-called friend, this is the way it is now.”

Mr Medich has pleaded not guilty.

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Generic airbnb, hotel, accomodation, airbnb mobile app. Wednesday 27th July 2016 Photo: Ryan Stuart Photo: Ryan StuartStop ‘Airbnb hotels’ in Docklands, government toldTenants wrong to allow short-stay guests, court toldApartment buyers chase piece of Airbnb’s $95m market
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Melbourne’s hotel industry has called on the state government to intervene to stop houses and apartment buildings becoming quasi-hotels.

A parliamentary committee hearing into proposed changes to the Owners Corporation Act has heard that a lack of legislation around short-stay accommodation, including Airbnb, meant Docklands “party houses” were colliding with retirees seeking quiet enjoyment.

The Environment and Planning Committee is inquiring into the impact of short-stay rentals on families, residents, apartment owners and owners corporations, as well as the adequacy of owners corp rules to deal with that impact.

The Australian Hotels Association told the hearing that government intervention was required to discourage residential lots from becoming quasi-hotels.

“It is jeopardising our regulated space,” chief executive Paddy O’Sullivan said.

He expressed concerns around consumer protections in unregulated facilities, referring to food and fire safety, liquor licensing, public liability insurance, disability access and taxation.

“Bad behaviour in hotels can be dealt with on the spot,” he said. “In unregulated accommodation space, liquor and EPA laws don’t apply.

“The lines are blurred here and it requires clarification.”

The Holiday Rental Industry Association has opposed the government’s legislation, labelling it draconian and unfair.

Director Trevor Atherton said the bill made innocent owners liable for the sins of their guests and suggested the changes be set aside for two years to make way for a self-regulatory code of conduct to be promoted and implemented.

“Make the culprit pay, throw the book at the misbehaving person,” Mr Atherton submitted.

Under his proposal, an established complaint would trigger a delisting of the property on Stayz, but it he conceded that Airbnb did not subscribe to the code.

The HRIA used the example of Flinders Wharf, a building of 300 residents, where up to 74 are short-term accommodation and 14 are Airbnb apartments.

The association trialled brochure distribution about the code of conduct as part of a process of education from December 16, a key high period of disturbance, and found no adverse complaints.

But Greens MP Collen Hartland said there had never been complaints at that building beforehand.

Ms Hartland said though she had attended several community meetings in Docklands, where for years there had been horrendous stories of short term leases affecting other residents, she had never heard of a self-regulatory scheme that worked in favour of other community members.

The committee will prepare a report for the upper house. The hearings continue.

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Hi all. We right to go? What about you hacks from the Herald? Righto ???
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Thanks for coming to my first media conference as interim coach of the Wests Tigers.

Before I take questions I want to walk you through some of the exciting changes we’re making around here. How we’re going to play the hottest brand of footy this game has ever seen and make the finals and win the comp and re-sign the Big Four – or is it Big Two? – and then I will forever be considered a supercoach alongside the likes of Gibson, Bennett, Ryan and Langmack.

First, we’re going to overhaul the coaching staff. Andrew Johns is my new attack coach and president of the social club. Noel Kelly will be working on our defence and headbutts. Tommy Raudonikis will be the mind coach.

I’ve had a long look at the salary cap and, frankly, I’ve got no idea what I’m looking at. I always thought a third party was kicking on at Woodsy’s place when the lockout laws kicked in.

And can someone tell me where I find the second set of books? Because I’ll tell you what this club is missing: mullets. So I’m enticing Kerry Hemsley and Kevin Hardwick out of retirement. I’m also told Olsen Filipaina still works the same garbage run Balmain helped him get when he first moved to Australia. Olsen, if you’re reading this, we need you.

I’m going to bring back schooners at the pub after Tuesday and Thursday night training, and The Wall, and mascara under the eyes for night matches and I’m ordering Kevin Naiqama to immediately get a haircut.

But before all of that, before we even lace up a boot – we’re going to take a moment to remember who we represent because somewhere along the line that has been forgotten.

This distrust between Balmain and Western Suburbs needs to end. It’s torn this club apart for too long. Whether we like each other or not, we need to make it work otherwise they may as well just pull the joint down and give up.

We are the marriage of two foundation clubs from 1908, with a rich history on both sides of the family. Talk to some of the true legends from either club – and there are dozens of them – and they’ll tell you they’ve been left out in the cold and that is just crazy talk. Why you would turn your back on your proud history?

Each time we walk onto the field, we are representing those former players, not the next dollar we are going to wring out of the club in our next contract. Don’t ask my players again about their future. They will be saying “no comment”.

Actually, they’re all on indefinite media bans. They’re going to keep their mouths shut, put their heads down, play footy, hold onto the ball, find touch, find the in-goal, tackle a blade of grass if it’s in front of them. It’s the only way out of this.

Hang on. What’s that? Oh. Oh I see. Different Andrew Webster ???

Good luck with all that, Tigers … go Dragons!

Webster a natural

In all seriousness, the real Andrew Webster – who has been rushed in following the shock termination of Jason Taylor – should be considered the front-runner for the job ahead of Ivan Cleary, Todd Payten and Des Hasler.

The Wests Tigers haven’t had a long-term strategy for years but if they did they would’ve identified Webster long ago as the natural successor to Tim Sheens. Parramatta and the Warriors have dragged him away in the last few years and many people tell you he’s a good man, good coach and well liked by many of the Tigers players.

So how did it all come to this so soon into the season? Whether you like him or not, whether you think he can coach or think he’s an impostor, Taylor deserved better.

They can deny it all they want but the club is still divided down the old Wests and Tigers fault line. It’s been claimed Wests directors flexed their muscles to get rid of Taylor after two weeks of horrific results.

What surprised many about the coach’s axing is that chairperson Marina Go was a known Taylor supporter, and also close with his wife Lana, often seen together at various league functions in the past couple of years.

What’s becoming increasingly obvious is that the club’s chances of retaining Aaron Woods, James Tedesco, Mitchell Moses and Luke Brooks are drifting. The Broncos are rumoured to be sniffing around their halves. So, too, the Bulldogs.

Cordner the captain?

He’s injured, not playing and not feeling the love, but Jarryd Hayne remains firmly in the mix for NSW selection for Origin I – at centre, not fullback.

The Plane is sidelined with syndesmosis – that fancy word for “ankle sprain” – but we’re told he’s being strongly considered alongside incumbent Michael Jennings. Raiders freight train BJ Leilua has some work to do after missing an off-season Blues camp.

Say what you want about Hayne’s form and attitude at the Titans, but he’s a proven match-winner in the sky blue.

It’s a neck and neck battle for the NSW captaincy between the Woods and Roosters back-rower Boyd Cordner because of Paul Gallen’s retirement from representative football.

Cordner is tipped to get the nod, although we’re a long way off game one at Suncorp Stadium on May 31.

The walk of life

Former Manly fullback Shannon Nevin was so affected by the suicide of an old school friend that he decided to set up a community event called Walk ‘n’ Talk – and it’s going gangbusters.

It’s not a charity or fundraiser. The vision is simply to allow people to come together and walk along and talk about their issues in a non-judgmental environment.

“I have had people attend my walks who have attempted suicide or who have lost loved ones to suicide,” Nevin said. “These people love the support and love they receive at these events and some have openly told me that these walks give them the strength to live on.”

Walk ‘n’ Talk events occur every two months so people are able to connect more regularly than the conventional annual awareness events.

Manly is about to celebrate its fourth walk on March 26. Others are happening around the state and also on the Gold Coast. You can find out where and when by going to the Walk ‘n’ Talk Facebook page. Q and A

We speak to our beloved former Herald colleague and cycling expert Rupert Guinness as he rides solo and unsupported from Fremantle to Sydney in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, which started last Saturday.

What’s doing?

I’m having a coffee at a roadhouse in Balladonia. We’re 970 kilometres into a 5500 kilometre [ride]. I lost my phone while on the road. I turned around and went up and down the course for 10 or 15 kilometres. I need the phone because not only does it have my contacts but my maps for the race downloaded on it. So I had to stop at a servo and get an old paper map.

You’re using a paper map to cycle across the country? That will do me.

They still work! You can’t get lost in the Nullarbor. Luckily, someone found my phone so I’ll get it back at some stage.

How are the legs?

I’m going to find out shortly. Yesterday, they were sore. And my right ankle has blown up.

What about your arse?

Mate, I’ve tried to change position but my arse is … sore. The worrying thing is that it’s going to get worse. You feel parts starting to go already. My fingers are numb, my feet are numb. When you are on the road it’s pedal stroke by pedal stroke.

Remind me again why you are doing this?

First up, there’s the story of the Overlanders, who in the early 1900s did this by themselves and discovered the roads we are riding on now. I wanted to experience that for a book I’m writing. I’m also riding in support of “Helping Rhinos”, the UK organisation that is working to stop the poaching and extinction of rhinos. But it’s also just the challenge of being part of something unique. It’s going to strip me bare and I want to experience that. I want to see how far I can go – and I know already that I’ll find out. The emotions come and go.

You’ll smash it, mate. You’ve done two Sydney to Hobart yacht races, yes?

There are similarities in your approach. I’m not worried about time and position. I just want to finish it. But you still keep a race mentality.

Are you listening to anything along the way? I know you’re a big fan of deep diva house music.

I don’t listen to music. I just listen to the rhythm of the bike, the wildlife. I saw a dingo yesterday. It ran across the road in front of me. I looked behind to make sure it wasn’t after me because I had no sprint in me. I had a crash, too. Down the side of the road into an embankment. Lost phone, crash, bad ankle. Things are on the up!

You can follow Rupert through his Facebook page.

Sweating it out: Rupert Guinness participating in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. Photo: Gene KehoeThe week


“Thank you for this, I appreciate my fans. My wife and my girlfriend ??? I mean my wife, sorry.” – Free State Stars striker Mohammed Anas in his post-match interview after being named man-of-the-match.


You should never talk through your kick, let alone write through it, but let’s take this opportunity to applaud the ride of jockey Ben Melham on She Will Reign in the Golden Slipper. He ignored the riding instructions of trainer Gary Portelli and won. “I would’ve been strung up by the b—s if I got it wrong!” Melham said.


George Burgess executed a perfectly timed elbow to the head of Newcastle Knights forward Mitch Barnett. Then he ripped out a spinning back fist that missed by centimetres. Unfortunately, it was on the footy field and not in an octagon ring. Two matches, match review committee? Really?

It’s a big weekend for ??? Greater Western Sydney, who are $4.50 favourites to win the AFL premiership. Their season starts on the road against Adelaide on Sunday.

It’s an even bigger weekend for ??? Virat Kohli, who could pop an eyeball in excitement and anger and whatever else is clunking around that little head of his in the fourth Test against Australia, which starts on Saturday.

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