Four Melbourne celebs reveal their favourite rooms in the house

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Stand-up comic, radio and TV presenter Dave Hughes has spent a lot of time chilling in green rooms waiting for the show to go on. Now he has his very own at the new St Kilda home he shares with his wife Holly, their three children and dog Barkly.

Why is the courtyard your favourite place?

We used to live in an 1860s terrace, which was a beautiful old house but it totally missed the light. When we built this place, the big thing was to have a courtyard that captured the light. Most days you will find me out there working, just tapping away on my laptop.

What’s the best feature?

Apart from the light, the Virginia creeper, which dominates and hangs right down to the table, so it really is a green room.

Is the courtyard used by the rest of the family?

We had 50 people out there for Christmas lunch, which was a massive production. The kids are allowed to draw on the walls and Barkly likes to hang out with me, too.

Anything you’d change?

When it rains you have to come inside, so some sort of covered area might be worth thinking about. Also sometimes the bees take over the creeper. Deluded, Athenaeum Theatre, March 30-April 22Madi Robinson

The kitchen is where athlete Madi Robinson feels right at home. Photo: Michael Rayner

When it comes to getting her game on, Australian Diamonds netball star and Collingwood Magpies team captain Madi Robinson has one key ingredient – the kitchen of the Ascot Vale apartment she shares with her husband Todd.

Why is the kitchen so important to you?

When I first started to establish myself as an elite player, the kitchen is where I educated myself the most. I found myself on the bench and I wasn’t sure why, and the coach said I needed to get fitter and start thinking about my nutrition. That was when I found that what I put in my body made an enormous difference to my performance, and I haven’t really looked back since.

What’s your go-to appliance?

My blender and food processor tend to get a workout. When I come home from training, I want things that are quick, healthy and fuelling for the body.

What’s at the top of your menu?

I have a really big sweet tooth, but I have to watch what I eat, so one thing I like to experiment with is raw sweets. I might whip up a few bliss balls and take them to the girls at training. I also love to make Ani Phyo’s raspberry ganache fudge cake, which contains nothing more than dates, walnuts, cacao, agave syrup, avocado and a pinch of salt. Collingwood Magpies play Melbourne Vixens at Hisense Arena, Apri1 2 at 3pmSammy J

The attic is Sammy J’s special place. Photo: Michael Rayner

Even before the federal police arrived to search the attic of the Northcote home award-winning comic Sammy J shares with his wife Hannah and their two young daughters, he knew it was a special space.

Why is the attic your favourite place?

I am not a hoarder, but I am a chronicler. I wrote diaries from age 10 to 20 and they are all up there in boxes, along with other stuff like my old school work and my Phantom comics, because we don’t have a lot of storage space. Every time I go up there to get the portacot or a costume or something, I get distracted and start reading, and half an hour will go by.

Any future plans for the space?

I toyed with the idea of setting up some sort of writing station, but I do think that would start bordering on Quasimodo-like behaviour. My daughters already think of it as a magical space, because when daddy goes up there he always comes back with something from the 1990s. Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and all the other puppets from Playground Politics also live up there.

Why did police search your attic?

That I can’t tell you without ruining my new show. You will just have to come and see it. Hero Complex, Victoria Hotel, 215 Little Collins Street, March 30-April 23Dolly Diamond

The bathroom is where Dolly Diamond goes to feel relaxed. Photo: Michael Rayner

Cabaret queen Dolly Diamond knows a thing or two about life on the go. Between her busy calendar of shows and a new role as artistic director of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, she’s always run off her feet. Dolly is a woman who needs – no, deserves – a tranquil sanctuary away from the???limelight.

What makes the bathroom your favourite space?

I like the way I feel when I’m in here – I’m less on show and more relaxed.

What’s the best feature?

The bath is large enough for me to really sink into, where I can think and not be disturbed.

What was the biggest design challenge?

Every other room in my house has knick-knacks and ornaments, so it was important for me to keep the bathroom simple, functional and clutter free, which is exactly what I like to do with my mind.

What have you changed?

It is exactly the same as when I first had it done. I’m constantly making myself up and trying to look bright and colourful, so it’s nice to have a room where I don’t have to worry about it changing. My bathroom sanctuary keeps me grounded. The Melbourne Cabaret Festival, June 20-July 2

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